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New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution – Stop Paying Rent!


The 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to fly by like a speeding bullet. Between shopping, baking and visits from friends and family, there seems no time to think about buying your first home. This holiday season plan to enjoy family and friends in your rental home, while thinking of what your next step is to obtain your new first home. I will be happy to assist you now or after the first of the year in your search. Think about attending a Free Homebuyer Class to learn the process and develop a plan.


In the mean time, the Christmas season is a time to take note of your homes potential home hazards. Fires, accidents and power outages are common events during winter. Here are 6 hazards that contribute to these events. Review them and make any repairs or corrections. Have a great holiday!


    1.Lint in the dryer. Clean the lint trap after every use and make sure there is no accumulation elsewhere in the machine.
    2.  Aluminum wiring- Homes built with aluminum wiring are 55x more likely to catch fire. If your home/apt was built before 1972, have an electrician check it out
    3.    Paper Towels- in the top 10 list of causes of kitchen fires, minute metal flecks can ignite if you put them in the microwave. Keep them away from toasters, ovens and microwaves
    4.   Humidifiers_ There is a risk of inhaling mold and mildew from the mist and steam. Change the water daily and clean the tank often.
     5. Fireplaces/chimneys Creosote clogged chimneys can cause explosive fires, and/or cause deadly CO2 buildup. Clean out chimneys on a seasonal basis, use a fire screen and make sure you have a working CO2 detector.
    6. Fleas- even in the winter these pests are a problem. They carry cat scratch disease, hantaviurs and typhus. If you see droppings call and exterminator.

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