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The links on this page are here because the answer some  commonly asked questions Buyers tend to ask. If you know anyone who is just starting to look for a home we strongly suggest they sit in on one of the free homebuyer classes offered on this site. The process of buying a home becomes much easier when you know where to start and what the process actually is.

Buying a home is a little different then purchasing a new pair of shoes, Spending $25 or even $125 on a pair of shoes only to find out they are very uncomfortable to spend the day in. Just imagine what it would be like to spend 200 thousand dollars or more for your family to be uncomfortable for years. Take the class it is free and can really help you to avoid making a huge mistake for you and your family. inquire about a class near you today.

The websites below are just a few places our clients often ask for grouped together for easy access. Enjoy browsing.

Free Home Buyer Class

Get Your Ticket For An Upcoming Class

Choose a home website

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Agent Kent’s Page
Choose a Local Realtor or Lender

Find out your schools rating
Flood mapping of Hampton Roads
Search crime rates by city
Search sex offender data base
State Farm insurance quotes
Howard Hanna insurance quotes
Chesapeake city website
Virginia Beach city website
Portsmouth city web site
Norfolk city website
Food for Thought: Ask yourself how much of your earnings per year goes to rent. If you were paying $1200 per. month rent what you are really doing is investing $14400.00 a year in your landlords retirement fund. If you are ok with that then you may be one of few that should continue to rent. However if that bothers you just a little, Take the free class and see how easy it may be for you to turn the table some and invest in your own future with the money you are already spending to keep a roof over your head.

Down Payment for a house: This of coarse is the #1 reason people think they can not buy a home. If this is you then take the VHDA First Time Home buyer Class and inquire about down payment assistance programs available in the city you would like to buy a home in.

The home buyer classes are absolutely free! So invest a few hours in your future.

Stop Paying Rent

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