Spring Home Buying Tips Part 1

This is the first of a series of tips for homebuyers, whether you are a First Time Buyer, or have experience in buying and selling a home,


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The first tip is why you should choose a real estate agent?

Many people have bought or sold their home “buy owner” and had success.

Many more have went this route and were sorry about making that decision.


Five reasons why using a Realtor* should be forefront in your Home Buying  process.


  1.    Knowing your budget. One of the steps for buyers is to obtain a pre-approval letter from their lender. This gives them a budget from which to shop for a home. However this is not the only cost of owning a home. Taxes, insurance, repairs, condo or community fees are part of the overall monthly expenses. A real estate agent experienced in making you aware of these costs can save thousands over the life of the home ownership.
  2.     Agents know the neighborhood where you are looking to sell or buy. They have access to online tools that will give pertinent information regarding schools, walk scores, transportation and other items necessary to make an informed decision to buy. On the selling side, this is important, as the realtor promotes the property with advertising of the home, and the positive aspects of the neighborhood.
  3.     Buying or Selling Price. Again agents have access to tools that can help establish either a selling or buying price. Research has shown that homes priced correctly spend less time on the market and sell for closer to asking price. When buying an agent can find short sales, rehab homes, foreclosures, or other properties that may need just a little TLC to be brought to life.
  4.     Negotiating skills are a necessity for any real estate transaction. Any agent can find a home, but to get the best price, for either buyer or seller can demand skills that integrate knowledge, emotions, “thinking outside the box”, and being creative in working with both parties to come to an agreement. Think of this process as being at a flea market. Sellers want the best price to make a profit while buyers want to get the lowest bargain price. Look for a realtor who has people skills for negation.
  5.     Deadlines and paperwork. Most people are not familiar with mandated deadlines when certain parts of the contract have to be completed. An experienced agent will keep on top of all deadlines and involve the various parties to adhere to the schedule. The same goes for paperwork. Lots of forms have to be properly filled out, They can also recommend contractors, mortgage companies, title agents and attorneys. This may save either the buyer or seller time or money.
  6.     In summary, using an agent will enhance your experience, lower your stress level and save you money. Fees are paid by the seller, so buyers have no expense to use an agent. If you are looking to interview an agent, start with any of the agents on the Choose a Home Team. We will guide you to a successful closure on the largest purchase you will make.
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